Committed Use Discounts

Datadog Volume Discount Reference

You may contact your Datadog account manager to realize discounts from on-demand spend. Datadog offers monthly minimum usage commitments for at least the following services:

  • Infrastructure
  • Log Management
  • APM
  • Database Monitoring
  • Cloud Security Management

20-50% savings from your variable usage plans are possible. Note that variable usage plans are still billed annually but a minimum commitment will result in greater savings. Datadog does not publicly share all of the rates for minimum commitments.

One example of container monitoring states:

Additional containers will be billed at $0.002 per container per hour. In addition, you can purchase prepaid containers at $1 per container per month.

In a month that has 744 hours, the on-demand cost of a container will be $1.488 whereas a committed container would be $1.00 which represents a 32.8% discount.


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