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Route 53

Route53 Pricing Page



Amazon Route 53 is a Domain Name System (DNS) web service. Typically Route 53 doesn't tend to be a large cost center for the vast majority of companies.

Pricing Dimensions#

Dimension Description
Hosted Zones You are charged either $0.50 or $0.10 per hosted zone per month depending on the number of hosted zones you have. You are charged $0.50 per hosted zone per month for the first 25 hosted zones and $0.10 per hosted zone per month for additional hosted zones.
DNS Queries You incur charges for every DNS query answered by the Amazon Route 53 service, except for queries to Alias A records that are mapped to Elastic Load Balancing instances, CloudFront distributions, AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments, API Gateways, VPC endpoints, or Amazon S3 website buckets, which are provided at no additional charge.
Registered Domain Names You pay an annual charge for each domain name registered via or transferred into Route 53.


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