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Cloud Cost Handbook#

The Cloud Cost Handbook is a free, open-source, community-supported set of guides meant to help explain often-times complex pricing of public cloud infrastructure and service providers in easy-to-understand terms. This guide is hosted on Github and is open to anyone to contribute their knowledge to the community. Vantage employees will maintain hosting the guide for everyone and ensure that content is relevant and adheres to styleguides.


This handbook is separated into two different sections for the time-being as explained below:

General Concepts#

These are general concepts that don't necessarily map directly to a particular service.

Provider Services#

Provider Services are meant to be the source of truth for explaining not only the pricing mechanics of the service but also to explain potentially nuanced concepts related to costs for that service. The focus of these pages is meant to be for the pricing of these services and not related to the actual management or orchestration of the service itself.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the Cloud Cost Handbook by issuing a pull request on the GitHub repo.


Slack Community#

Generally interested in cloud concepts and associated costs? Join us in our public Slack community. We have a channel devoted to the handbook named "cloud-cost-handbook" where you're welcome to hang out, ask questions and/or spark conversation.

Slack Community